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Topic: 7 factors should be taken into consideration while determining DUI insurance rates

Drunk driving has been a serious issue in Florida for several years and continues to be an increasing problem that needs to be stopped immediately. If you have had a couple of drinks, then don’t get behind the wheel else it will leave you as the driver hurt and other bystanders around you as well. Wait! It doesn’t stop here. Committing a driving under the influence (DUI) will cause harm to your finances in both the short and long-term. In the short-term, a conviction for driving under the influence can leave you with license suspension, fines and jail term. While in the long-term, it can severely impact your car premiums and require that you file future proof of financial responsibility. We, FR 44 a certified insurance company specializing in DUI insurance for the entire state of Florida into consideration several factors when determining premiums, such as:

  1. Age factor– Drivers below 25 years will pay more while drivers aged between 50 and 65 years will pay less.
  2. Miles driven– Driving less means pay less.
  3. Credit score– Bad credit scores trigger higher rates.
  4. Type of car-The more expensive and powerful a car is, the higher will be the insurance rate as high performance cars attract riskier drivers and expensive cars are much more costly to repair.
  5. Location- Higher crime rates in your neighborhood or densely populated cities will cause higher insurance rates.
  6. Driving violation records and accidents– Violating traffic rules while driving, DUIs as well as accident claims trigger higher insurance rates.
  7. Gender and marital status– Females have fewer accidents and pay less than men. A married driver is considered more stable and will receive a lower rate than a driver with a similar record.

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Make sure you that know your state’s DUI laws. Hiring a qualified lawyer with several years of experience in handling DUI cases can go a long way toward making this whole process a little less confusing.


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  • I got stopped for a simple broken tail light which turned into a DUI… The law required me to carry an FR44 filing, and when I called my insurance company who I had been with for 12 YEARS with NO CLAIMS, they not only told me they couldn’t provide the FR44 filing, but that my policy would be cancelled because of the DUI! That’s when I searched and found Florida FR44 Insurance. I spoke with J.R. who helped me with the filing and got me an affordable rate. I highly recommend the agents at Allstar Direct.

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