FR 44 Insurance and FR 44 Car Insurance in Jacksonville, Orlando and Nearby Cities

If you have been  recently convicted of a drink and driving case and it is the first time you are getting insurance post-conviction, then you must be really worried.  If you are searching for a reputed and reliable company in and around places like Florida, Jacksonville, Orlando, or Panama City, then you would be advised to put an end to your search. We at FR 44 insurance specialize in Florida FR 44 insurance products. We have already sold thousands of policies and we also assure you that we possess some of the best resources, experience and proficient professionals  to help you find the right DUI insurance product all at the lowest prices available. Our primary objective is to find the best DUI insurance or DWI insurance products that will help in meeting your legal requirement as well  as your budget.

Still not sure about hiring us? Well, going through the below-mentioned benefits will help you to come to an informed decision. Take a look.

  • Important Paperwork– Unlike other companies, we go the extra mile of taking care of all the paperwork involved so you do not have to worry about filing your forms or any of such things. Leave it to us to file your forms and we assure to issue license reinstatements on the same day itself.
  • Free Estimation of the Costs– We are completely aware of the fact that this is an investment for our customers. Hence, it is due to reasons like these that we offer a free estimation of the costs that will be liable for spending. As we are known for one of the best rates in the market, you can most definitely count on us to get the best legal solution.
  • Teaming Up With Some of the Best Companies– We aim to keep our standards high by teaming up with companies that offer reliable, high-quality insurance products. Therefore, we only work with companies that demonstrate equally high standards like ours, with reputations for fast and fair claims.

You would also be glad to know that apart from the aforementioned places, we also function in places like Pensacola and Tallahassee. Therefore, without further delay, contact our professionals at 800-496-FR44 (3744) to get the best quote.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:

  • I was involved in an accident that was my fault. I was also charged with a DUI as a result. My insurance company notified me that they would NOT issue an FR44 and that I should look for coverage elsewhere. After panicing and scrambling to find a company that I could afford, I came across this Allstar Direct website. They were very FAST and efficient. They got me a good rate and they took care of the filing for me!

    -Sheila D.
    Only $136.83 per Month!

  • I got my license suspended by accumulating too many points. I had to secure an SR22 filing to get my license back. My current insurance company did not do SR22 filings. I shopped around for the best rate and I found it with Allstar Direct. They gave me a price I could afford and they took care of the filing. I am very happy with their service.

    -Marcelo J.
    Only $89.11 per Month!

  • I had an at-fault accident and didn’t realize that my insurance policy had lapsed. This caused my license to get suspended and I had to get an SR22 so that I could get my license reinstated. I was referred to Tatiana at Allstar Direct who was very professional and got me a great rate and I’m back on the road.

    -Maria P.
    Only $53.24 per Month!

  • After leaving my usual Friday after work happy-hour, I got stopped for a minor speeding violation. The officer suspected that I had been drinking, and upon being administered the breathalyzer test, I had tested just over the legal limit. Well, you know the rest! After shopping for an FR44 policy, the folks at Allstar Direct were able to get me a competitive rate. They also did the filings for me and I was able to get my license back fast. If you’re looking for top notch advice and service, you’re looking in the right place.

    -Harry F.
    Only $111.59 per Month!

  • I got stopped for a simple broken tail light which turned into a DUI… The law required me to carry an FR44 filing, and when I called my insurance company who I had been with for 12 YEARS with NO CLAIMS, they not only told me they couldn’t provide the FR44 filing, but that my policy would be cancelled because of the DUI! That’s when I searched and found Florida FR44 Insurance. I spoke with J.R. who helped me with the filing and got me an affordable rate. I highly recommend the agents at Allstar Direct.

    -Chris I.
    Only $118.90 per Month!


We Specialize in Finding Affordable FR44 or SR22 Auto Insurance in Florida. We Quote with Multiple Companies to Get you the Lowest Rates and Lowest Down Payment Possible!