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DUI Insurance vs DWI Insurance

Got a DUI conviction? Interested in the difference between DUI insurance and DWI insurance and how it can affect you?

The way you’ve been driving your car plays an important role in the determination of how much you should pay for car insurance. In cases, such as DUI and DWI, drivers are considered a high-risk which increases the premiums on insurances.

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DUI insurance and DWI

DUI is the abbreviation that stands for driving under the influence, while DWI is the abbreviation for driving while intoxicated.

Some states use one of them, but there are some states, where DUI stands for drivers under the influence of alcohol, while DWI is for those drivers under prescription or illegal drugs.

Costs are higher for DUI insurance

No matter what state are you from, getting a DUI or DWI means that you are a high-risk driver. You are a liability to you and to other people. You are exposed to driving under the influence, therefore the chances of getting into an accident are higher.

A driver that is more exposed to accidents, will have to pay an increased price for the insurance because it is more likely from that driver to get into an accident, as it was already caught once driving reckless.

Most states keep the offense on your records for more than 3 years which might affect your car insurance for 5-7 years or even more. No matter how minor or major the conviction is your premiums for DUI insurance will still be higher.

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